Vegan diet plan for weight loss and good health

How does the Vegan Diet work?

What is a vegan diet?A defining element when it comes to a full vegan diet is the total removal of all animal products in the nutritional intake and this can include dairy products as well as the consumption of eggs. By employing vegan principles, you must abstain from the consumption of any animal products for your nutritional sustenance and the same rules apply for the diet. Going through this type of diet means you will have to turn a blind eye to all products that have been cooked with lard, butter, whey or anything that comes in a gelatinous mixture as well as other forms of animal byproducts consumed as food. Vegan Diet foods consists of a healthy serving of green leafy vegetables, grains, fruits and legumes and healthy fats such as coconut oil that provide the same amount of nutritional value as a full meal.

Vegan Diets will normally consist of a minimum of five servings of grains, which can consist of bread, and calcium enriched cereals or wheat products. There should also be five servings of protein in combination of any of the following: legumes, nuts, soy or greens. Other sources of valuable protein could be chickpeas, potatoes and peanut butter. Eating vegetables is also important and it should be consumed in four servings with a combination of two servings of fruits such as grapes and healthy fats that can come from emollients.

Take note that when it comes to consuming bread, vegan preparation is baked without the use of dairy products and eggs. The resveratrol benefits from taking on a vegan diet are also undeniable and are one of the biggest contributing factors to its nutritional gains. Resveratrol is an anti-oxidant that can be found in plants. Vitamins and minerals that can be found from fruit sustain the nutritional requirements of the body as well as give off antioxidants. Cranberries, for example, provide antioxidants and more than a dozen vitamins and minerals.

vegan diet pyramid

One thing to remember when starting a vegan meal plan is to pace yourself, especially if you are not acquainted with the Vegan lifestyle. Start your diet by organizing your meals in a gradual fashion. For example, for your first week, select two non-meat dishes and work your way until you have made all the substitutions for your weekly dietary plan. There are easy vegan entrees that will make the transition easier, as they emulate the taste of your favorite meats. Frying Tofu, veggie meat and mushrooms in coconut oil is a great way to stay nourished and captures some of the palate preferences, making it a lot more enjoyable to stick to your new diet. Eating fruits like cranberry benefits your body with a high dose of antioxidants that fight off free radicals and keep your mind off meat.

So is a vegan diet healthy?

Although a vegan diet excludes all necessary nutrients, in principle, there are still plenty of high-calorie meal options in the vegan diet plan. However, most vegans eat extremely healthy which you can see clearly in the vegan diet recipes. Although there are vegan diets which are centered around weight loss, there are also many people who use vegan diets rather as a lifestyle to improve their overall health.

Vegan diet for weight loss

The question about losing weight with the Vegan Diet is not about will you, but how much. A considerable change in your body mass index will be noticeable if you can stick to your diet because the caloric values that come from your new diet are considerably less compared to consuming meat and dairy. If you follow your vegan diet plan consistently then each meal should actually give you a sensation of fullness, even more than when you enjoyed a seven-ounce steak for dinner.

You can boost your weight loss significantly by inculcating exercise with your new diet to compensate for the caloric deficit that you can gain from your new diet. Studies have shown that participants who followed a strict diet of vegetables, fruits and legumes lost an average of 13 pounds in six months. This may not sound like a whole lot but the Vegan Diet if done consistently helps keep the weight you have shed permanently off and help you lose even more.


Below you will see a video about a girl that used to follow a vegan diet plan with before and after pictures of her weight loss journey.


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