Food lovers diet reviews

food lovers diet reviews

Lose Weight the Right Way: Why You Should Choose the Food Lovers Diet

Diets usually fail because of the following:

  1. failure to follow the diet instructions.
  2. Immediate results are expected not seen.
  3. Results aren’t permanent.
  4. No understanding of how the body works.



Before deciding a diet plan is a fake or scam, make sure you follow the instructions exactly as laid out for you.  This is usually the biggest reason a diet fails.

Here is a discussion on the “Food Lovers Diet scam” to help you decide if Food Lovers is right for you


You will not see immediate results with any diet plan.  The weight did not appear overnight and it WILL NOT disappear overnight– at least not by traditional methods.


To achieve permanent results, you MUST change the way you eat– PERMANENTLY.  You can NEVER go back to your old eating habits if you want to keep the weight off.


Think of your body like a car.  A car needs fuel (gas) to run and your body needs fuel too.  Our fuel is the carbohydrates, proteins, and fats found in food.  The key is to eat just enough food to cover our body’s daily needs without feeling hungry.  Your body would need approximately 1200 calories per day just for its basic functions.  That’s why a diet tells you not to go below 1200 calories per day.
Your body releases insulin and glucagon to process your food for fuel.  Insulin is released from carb intake while glucagon is released from protein intake.  The amount of insulin or glucagon released is directly proportional to your carb/protein intake.  Insulin conserves fat while glucagon burns fat.  Controlling your carb/protein intake properly will enable you to lose weight more efficiently.  Ideally, you should be eating a diet that is low in carbs, high in protein and fiber, and moderate in healthy fats.
Once you have a better understanding of what you should be doing to lose weight, you are probably wondering how to do it the easiest way possible.  My recommendation for you is to try the Food Lovers Fat Loss Plan.  Whatever you call it — diet, program, system, or plan — Food Lovers will work for you if you follow the instructions and stick to it.
The Food Lovers diet shows you how to eat to even out your blood sugar levels (low glycemic) which will switch your body from storing fat to burning fat.  They teach you to eat balanced servings of meat, vegetables, and quick-burning carbs in the right combination to maximize the fat burning process. They give you a food lovers diet menu plan to make weight loss easy to accomplish. There are no prepackaged foods to buy, no counting calories, and no starving.  You eat anything you want without feeling deprived (another diet fail point) with the Food Lovers diet.

Here is a Food Lovers Diet Review you may find helpful.

To help you choose the best weight loss plan for you, you now have a choice of three different Food Lovers diet plans:

  1. The classic home system.
    1. The online program.
    2. The Food Lovers Premium Plan

food lovers diet reviews


The Food Lovers classic home system comes with a 21-day metabolism makeover, cookbooks, workout DVD and more plus $70 in free bonuses.


This Food Lovers diet method is completely online.  It is a meal — by — meal; step–by–step, personalized to you plan available 24/7 from any electronic device with an Internet connection.


A combination of the home and online plan to reach your full weight loss potential.
To help you reach your weight loss goals, the Food Lovers diet plan also gives you access to the following free tools:

  1. body fat calculator.
    1. Free  food lovers diet recipes.

10. snack & treat guide

11. restaurant guide.

12. The food lovers blog.

13. Food lovers community.

14. Fat Loss buddy.

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Remember, when following any weight loss plan, that you are making a conscious effort to eat balanced, nutritious meals in moderation, and you need to do so on a permanent basis to keep the weight off.  Try food lovers diet today and let the slimmer, healthier, happier you emerge into the spotlight.

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  1. Foysal says:

    Eating smart with the daily walking sonuds good:The natural “diet”: Eat, drink, and be merryEat smart – well-balanced meals, cut out any unnecessary calories (snacking just because), eat when you are hungry (grumbling stomach, hunger pains) and only eat until you are satisfied (not a bite more), 5-6 smaller meals is better than 3 larger ones. Also, stop eating 2-3 hours before bed – you should be slightly hungry at bed timeDrink plenty of water, not only to stay hydrated, but its important for weight loss, including helping the muscles tone and suppressing hungry. (Tip – the lighter your urine the more hydrated you are.)Be merry – in other words exercise, not only is it needed for weight loss, it releases chemicals in your brain and makes you more happy (some of it is addicting which is known to a lot as “runner’s high”). 30 minutes of cardio is recommended daily, and a good work out program uses cardio and weight training (even if it’s just toning – light weights, more reps). Do something you enjoy and it will be easier to stick it out.

    • expert says:

      Thanks for the tips. I recommend to start with any of the diets on the website in combination with exercises. Will put details on exercises soon.
      thanks, hope to see you around.

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