Dukan diet recipes – all you need for a healthy life

dukan diet recipes

Dukan diet recipes – what you need for a healthy living

Dukan diet recipes have over the years been found to be effective for weight related issues. Dukan recipes are protein rich and are known to be highly nutritious thus popular with many users. Dukan diet menu constitutes a four phase approach that will help you lose weight in no time and helpful in maintaining a stable weight. It is a good diet for anyone with weight related issues as it features low carb and low fat levels.
Dukan diet phase one is the most intense and restrictive phase in the fight against excess fats in the body, the second phase is the cruise phase.  The third phase is the consolidation phase which involves healthy eating habits to maintain a stable body weight. The fourth and final phase of dukan diet recipes is the stabilization phase that puts one on the path of a healthy living. During the stabilization stage you can focus your meals on fruits and slices of whole wheat bread on a daily basis.

dukan diet recipesAnyone who wants to lose weight will need to stay in phase one for up to 10 days. It has been shown that one can be able to lose up to 7 pounds in 5 days. Phase two on dukan diet plan on the other hand can last up to a month depending on the amount of weight one ought to lose. It is highly advisable to stay in this plan until you are able to lose up to 2 pounds in a week.

Dukan diet recipe ideas

Dukan recipes are based on the intake of salt in small amounts, the recipes relies on the intake of tons of special herbs instead of salt. This is highly essential especially in the attack phase of dukan diets. Dukan diet plan is also based on French mustard that is efficient in adding flavour to the recipes.
Lemon is at times added to food to add flavour but one is usually advised not to make lemonade. You can try lemon garlic chicken with a spurt of lemon. It is also a good practise not to drink lemon juice during the first three phases of the dukan diet. Dukan diet food list won’t be complete without a good amount of spices in the food. spicy flavoured food is the key to getting satisfied.

Dukan diet menu is all about creating a menu that you truly love and can stick to on a daily basis. Dukan diet recipes are centralized on highly delicious and tasty diets. Dukan diet reviews have been able to show that you can lose weight drastically with these recipes as they lack carbs thus able to keep hunger at bay.
Dukan diet recipes being low sugar weight loss plans can be enhanced with sweeteners to add taste. You can experiment this by the use of vanilla pods or vanilla essence. Dukan diet reviews have been based on true attributes indicating how effective it is for weight related issues. It is not a surprise that dukan recipes have gotten the approval of top celebrities like Jennifer Lopez.

The recipes in the book are mainly based on the intake of proteins thus able to guarantee weight loss in a highly consistent manner. Dukan recipes are usually aimed at guaranteeing better nourishment of the body while also ensuring the burn down of calories in the body. Drinking lots of water of up to 8 glasses is a requisite for any one engaging in ducat diet plans and in need of burning down excess calories in the body. Water is one of the most essential beverages that are highly effective in stimulating higher rates of metabolism.
Dr Pierre Dukan has spent most of his time developing a plan that is sure to guarantee better results with time for a better health. This is highly enhanced with his 35 years of successful clinical experience. Many dukan diet recipes will not be complete without things like boiled meat stews. cereals, loafs, spaghetti and pasta.

If you want to take action and lose weight by eating and living healthy you can order the dukan diet recipe book written by Dr Pierre Dukan by clicking on the book below:



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